Present - 2019

  • Electronic Newspaper Award for Popular Product Customer Satisfaction in the First Half of the Year (encryption key management solution trust KMS)
  • In November 2021, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups obtained confirmation of performance-sharing companies
  • 2021 Information Protection Day Awarded by the Minister of Science and ICT (Director of Security Research Institute Shin Dong-gyu)
  • SME Innovation Voucher Platform, Small and Medium Venture Business Department (Technical Support Division)
  • Electronic Newspaper Award for Popular Product Customer Satisfaction in the First Half of the Year (Cipher Authentication Solution Trustnet)
  • Organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT, 2020 Data Voucher Support Project Selection
  • Electronic Newspaper Award for Popular Product Customer Satisfaction in the First Half of the Year (Animon FM)
  • Patent registration: IT security business management system and method (10-089867)
  • Patent registration: Malicious code detection device using execution compression characteristics and method thereof (10-1110308)
  • Patent registration: remote control device, remote control method, and recording medium (10-1144871) in which the above method is recorded
  • Anymon Firewall Policy Automation (FM Plus) Firewall Policy Automation Solution Launches
  • Animon FM (Integrated Fire Protection Policy Management Solution), Nara Market Shopping Mall Procurement Registration

2018 - 2013

  • Animon FM (Integrated Firewall Policy Management Solution), GS Certification Level 1
  • Anymon Firewall Manager (FM) Firewall Policy Integrated Management Solution Launched
  • Animon Plus, Digital Times 2017 Hit Product Quality Excellence Award)
  • 2017 Information Security Industry Day, Commendation from the Minister of Information and Communication of the Ministry of Science and Technology (Company organization award)
  • Digital Times selects the best quality hit products in the first half of 2017 (Annique)
  • Released Anymon UBA(User Behavior Anaiytsis)
  • Acquired Anyclick AIR V1.5 CC Certification
  • Acquired Anymon PLUS V3.0 GS Certification
  • Acquired Anyclick AUS V6.0 GS Certification
  • Acquired Anyclick AIR V1.0 GS Certification
  • Patent registration (No. 10-1484290) Integrated log analysis system
  • Awarded Grand Prize for Anymon PLUS Brand Power (Log analysis Solution Field)
  • Awarded Grand Prize for Anyclick AIR Brand Power (Wireless Break in Prevention Solution Field)
  • Acquired Anyclick AIR v1.0 CC Certification

2012 - 2008

  • Selected as Future Leading Prospective Company (Supervised by The Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
  • Performed Industrial Fusion Original Project Technology Development (The Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
  • Performed Fusion Media Original Technology Development Project(Korea Communications Committee)
  • Acquired Anyclick AUS v6.0 CC Certification
  • Released wireless break in prevention system
  • Awarded Cyber Safety Grand Prize from The Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • Acquired Anymon PLUS v3.0 CC Certification
  • Appointed as Security Control Specialized Company (The Ministry of Knowledge & Economy)
  • 2010 Korea Cyber Safety Award: Minister of Public Administration and Security Award
  • Anyclick NAC v5.0 – GS Certified
  • Patent acquisition: Network access control method for Microsoft network access protection base (Patent No. 10-0939300)
  • Patent acquisition: Packet capture audit system and packet capture audit method (Patent No. 10-0916155)
  • Patent acquisition: IEEE 802.1X-based network security system and network security method (Patent No. 10-0914676)
  • Anyclick Obtain NAC v5.0 Information System Common Evaluation and Certification EAL2
  • Open UNETSHA Online Overseas Sales Site (Distributor Agreement with www.unetsha.com, SJ Namo Inc.)
  • Supply of annual technical licenses to UNETSHA U.S. RICOH Corporation
  • Anyclick NAC v4.0, Anyclick AUS v4.0 – Acquisition of Common Evaluation and Certification (CC Certification) of Information Systems (Evaluation Grade: EAL4)
  • Microsoft Certified Partner (Acquired Infrastructure Security Specialization in the Security Solution Competency portion)
  • UNETSHA Participates in the 2008 RSA Conference Exhibition (San Francisco, USA)
  • Patent acquisition: Integrated certification system, integrated certification method, and recording medium (Patent No. 10-0797487)

2007 - 2003

  • Acquired Anymon Pro GS Certification
  • Released a real time fire wall log management analysis tool
  • Released wire & wireless integrated verification system
  • Established Auxiliary Research Center (Information Protection Research Center)
  • UNET System Corporate Body Established