Wired-Wireless User Authentication System

Wired-Wireless User Authentication System

Anyclick AUS is a wireless network security solution to accommodate the Korean and international wireless security standards such as Wi-Fi WPA/WPA2, IEEE 802.11i/802.1x and National Security Research Institute’s Wireless LAN Authentication System Protection Profile.


Wireless network has comparatively higher risks compared with wired network in terms of the user authentication and the transmitting data confidentiality.
To make up for these risks, you must implement an authentication system with the strong key management mechanism and only authorized users can access to the network. Moreover, you must encrypt transmitting data in the wireless communication to protect from data eavesdropping.
These security technologies are prerequisite specify it as a guideline.
As a wireless network security solution to support these security features, Anyclick AUS provides protection mechanism against unauthorized network access, data eavesdropping. In addition, Anyclick AUS integrates all the authentication information located in each network device, administrator can manage them more effectively.


Enhanced user authentication

Web authentication/2 factor-authentication

Data protection in wireless transmission section



Interlocking with legacy system




Observance of international standard

IEEE 802.11i/802.1X  /  Wi-Fi WPA/WPA2


Supporting mobile platform(Android/iOS)


Supporting seamless authentication

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