Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System

Anyclick AIR is the adequacy of the Wireless network infrastructure monitoring and security vulnerability in every WLAN standard protocols, equipment, accurate detection and blocking the safe and efficient environment to build a wireless network wireless network intrusion prevention solution.


Wireless networks that use similar frequency signal interference between wireless devices, the signal distortion and interference caused by barriers such slow performance due to frequent, but it is often difficult to identified causes.
Also wireless devices to be used without a wired network due to security threats beyond the level of security threats will result in deadly.
Anyclick AIR is difficult to identify the cause of wireless network performance by allowing intuitively identify, maintaining wireless network performance, as well as reduce operating overhead.
Therefore rogue wireless devices installed on internal networks via the penetration, and commercial wireless network to connect to the service illegally inside the employees' gateway detection edge and bypass the wireless network to monitor the adequacy of infrastructure, security vulnerability detect and secure and efficient wireless network environment is to build a wireless network intrusion prevention solutions.


802.11 AC detecting/blocking

Super high speed detecting/blocking(TTA certified)

Unauthorized device detecting/blocking



Wireless security threat detecting/blocking


Authentication server interlocking


Portable scanner function(option)


Location information provision



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