Integrated log management / analysis system

Integrated log management / analysis system

Anymon PLUS is a newly introduced forensic & compliance management solution to analyze and manage all the security related information such as network behavior, security events and threats from network devices with an unified management console.


Today’s enterprise network has complex structure composing of many hardware and software that generate thousand millions of events in a day. It is a facing problem to all IT administrators to extract necessary information for security and operation managements and do on-time countermeasures from daily-generated events.
Anymon PLUS is developed to meet the demands of this issue. It integrates with log management, security information and event management, and network behavior analysis capabilities for the purpose of reducing total cost of IT infrastructure ownership and enhancing their management efficiency.
Using the unified management console, administrators can do their management task more effectively by collecting – storing – analyzing – reporting the whole information necessary to forensic and compliance management. The hierarchical server deployment supports effective log collecting and storing in any network environments. The advanced threat and incident detection capability based on network behavior analysis can reduce the possibilities of false-positives and well as detect security holes that cannot be detecting the other security solution. Lastly, purpose-driven report capability enables enterprise-wide compliance management so that it help to minimize vulnerabilities in security and operation management.


Symptom detection based on Scenario searching

Zoom-in analysis

Traffic analysis via real time correlation analysis

Various user defined reports

User defined dash board



Log collecting


Log searching


Network behavior analytics based real time analysis


Incident inquiry/analysis




System management


Role-Based Access Control

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