Managed Security Service(MSS)

Managed Security Service(MSS)

UbiONE is a managed security service which provides security monitoring, operating, responding, auditing and reporting services to enhance enterprise’s security management.


The security issues including newly introduced threats and strengthening related regulations are demanding professional and sustainable security management. However, the security management requires investments regarding human resources, money and technical resources and also requires training to maintaining professionalism.
In the security management, the managed security service by security experts is the most cost-effective solution for such professional and sustainable security.
The managed security service manages all or partial process of the IT security management life-cycle including initiation, assessment, solution, implementation, operations and closeout.
UbiONE, the managed security service provides profession security management service specialized in monitoring, assessments, operations, management, education which are essential parts of the IT security management life-cycle.


Wide experience & know-how based managed security service

Managed security service linked with integrated log management

Combined wire-wireless managed security service



Managed security service(Dispatched service)


Security system operation and maintenance


System hacking simulation and training


MSS system operation


Security weak point inspection


Personal information spill detection service

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