PKI based data encryption solution

PKI based data encryption solution

TrustNET is a PKI contents security solution to implement reliable IT infrastructure by authentication, data confidentiality and integrity, and non-repudiation services based on PKI security technology.


In the electronic commerce, there are lots of security concerns about ensuring transactional reliability compared with traditional commerce. The outstanding risk issues are that there is no way to ensure who initiate the transaction, the possibility of the data eavesdropping and damage, and the verification of the transaction in the processes of electronic transaction.
To solve these issues, the digital signing and encrypting capabilities based on Public Key Infrastructure should implement in both electronic commerce systems and user terminals. The digital signature provides a way of identifying the parties, data integrity and fact transacted in the electronic commerce transactions. The encryption provides a way of protecting the data eavesdropping.
TrustNET allows you to implement reliable IT infrastructure by authentication, data confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation. TrustNET Server Family is a PKI Infrastructure solution to use to build a certification authority including a certificate authority server, a registration authority server, a key management server and related utilities. TrustNET Toolkit Family is used for making PKI enabling application systems in various application and platform environments.


Supporting various OS & development languages

Custom-case building client provision

Non-plug in client provision

Suitable for KCMVP



Data encryption


Private certificate issuing


Digital signature based on authentication certificate


Supporting various storage media


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Data transmission solution between PC and smart device


Digital signature solution based on data encryption & authentication certificate for mobile environment


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